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Backtagging: Sure, go for it. I'm liable to forget about threads sometimes, so feel free to poke me about something.
Threadjacking: Ahaha, go for it. Better if you can make it comical in some way.
Fourth walling: Ask first.
Subjects to avoid: I'm pretty open about most things, but if you have any concerns feel free to ask.

Topics to avoid: None that I'm aware!
Physical contact: Most physical contact is fine, just ask me if you have any questions.
Kissing: A friendly peck on the cheek is fine, ask before anything more.
Flirting: Go for it! He may reciprocate.
Relationships: He's friendly towards most people, and even shipping is possible with some push. Ask me beforehand if you're interested in shipping with him.
Fighting: Ask me first. He has experience with firearms and may be difficult to fend off in a brawl. He does not, however, possess supernatural abilities so ymmv.
Injuring this character: Ehhhh, best to ask me first. If it's plot related then I might go for it.
Plotting: Go for it! Just send me a PM or hit me up on plurk. uwu
Anything else: ...Not particularly interested in smutting with this character, gomen.

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